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The Big Ticksy Update, 2016

Ticksy 3.5 is here with a whole slew of new features and improvements. Here’s an overview of what’s new.

Major Envato Updates

  • Login with Envato — Your customers can now simply Login with Envato to verify purchases, no more purchase codes! You will need to activate this feature by going to your Settings panel and following the directions there.
  • Customer Verification Options — Along with the customer login, you can now block access to your public tickets, articles and/or submitting a ticket to those that are not verified, signed-in customers.

Design Changes Everywhere

We’d be going too far to say this is a complete redesign, but there are UI/UX changes everywhere. There’s too much to cover in one post, but here are the big ones:

  • An all new icon set, powered by FortAwesome.
  • New like button design.
  • New notifications dropdown design (more below).
  • Settings, profile, categories, and others have gotten a nice refresh.
  • Articles management got a major overhaul (more below).
  • Two column ticket view with the conversation on the left, details on the right.
  • Most recent comment popovers when hovering on a ticket (in most places).
  • Tickets from this customer popovers when hovering over a customer’s avatar within a ticket (if they have more than one ticket).
  • And so much more…

System Privacy Settings

  • Limited Support Agents — Prevents your non-admin support agents from viewing tickets not assigned to them.
  • Private Support Desk — Prevents anyone from viewing or registering at your support desk. They will need to login using credentials you provide to them. On a similar note, you can now manually create a customer account from the customers page.
  • Hide “Customers” page from Support Agents — Does just what it says, it hides the customers page from non-admin support agents.

New Statistics Dashboard

  • New statistics are now being collected to support the new dashboard. If you need access to statistics older than mid-August, shoot us a message.
  • You can view statistics by support agent and/or category.
  • More to come!

Post Important Messages

  • Great for posting important updates, announcements, or “on-vacation” banners while you’re away.

Notifications Dropdown Redesign

  • Each notification is now separated by notification types. There are New Tickets, New Comments, New Notes, Likes, Ticket Assignments and Ticksy Announcements.
  • All of these different types can now be turned on or off at any time.

Instant Search

  • The search bar, both on the back-end and front end views now provides instant results, filtered by tickets, articles and customers (on the back-end side).

New Article Management Screens

  • Bulk Edit/Delete — You can now select multiple articles for bulk editing and deleting.
  • Sort Featured Articles — You can now sort your featured articles from the Article Sorting page.
  • Instant Article Search — Find an article quickly from the instant search on the Articles page.

Improved Customers Page

  • Loads much more quickly now, especially for those with lots of customers.
  • As mentioned, you can now add a customer account manually from this page.

Attachment Improvements

  • You can now delete attachments.
  • Attachments, when downloaded, will no longer need to be renamed, etc. They just simply download!

If you find anything that I’ve happened to miss (or left out so you can find it yourself!), let us all know in the comments. As always, thanks for using Ticksy. Let me know what you think!