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Ticksy Roadmap for 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated in our customer satisfaction survey!

Your feedback means a lot to us! It helps us make sure we are working on developing the features and functionality you need.

Continually improving Ticksy while staying true to our core values – keeping Ticksy simple, elegant and intuitive to use.

Here are the upcoming features you can expect to see in Ticksy this year:

  1. Ticket Tags

Associate tags with tickets, so that you can group your tickets based on topics.

Works with both Private and Public tickets.

  1. Email Parsing

One of the top requested features is almost here!

Ticksy Email Parsing will allow your customers to send an email to [email protected] , then thanks to our Ticksy magic, have that email automagically converted into a ticket.

  1. Custom domains

Yes! Custom domains are almost here.

Now you can switch from to using a completely custom domain.

Coupled with Ticksy’s flexible branding capabilities, you now have full control over the customer’s experience