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Assigning ticket categories to multiple support agents is here!

It’s been a widely requested feature for quite a while, and now it’s here. Each ticket that comes in will get assigned to the next support agent in line for that particular category. Here’s how it works:

First, visit your Categories screen to view your list of categories:

It won’t look that much different from the last time you visited (unless you haven’t seen the new category management screen), but now for each category you can choose more than one agent for which to assign it. Just pop open the dropdown and choose as many agents as you’d like. Then click the button at the bottom to update your categories.

When a ticket is submitted now, it will assign it to the first support agent in that list. The next time a ticket comes in, it will assign it to the next agent, and so on. It will then loop back to the beginning when it reaches the end of the list.

So… now that you can split up the workload automatically instead of needing to reassign tickets as they come in, what are you going to do with all of your newfound free time? 😉