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Important Update for Envato Authors

A lot of Ticksy users have been asking about the upcoming Envato Support changes and how that will affect Ticksy’s support system.

Well, we’re happy to announce that the latest Envato API has been integrated into Ticksy! This means that when the support changes take effect at Envato Market, Ticksy will be ready. For example, if a user submits a ticket with a valid purchase code but that purchase’s default “supported until” date (6 months) has run out, the code will no longer validate. That user would need to extend their support or purchase a new license to submit a new ticket.

Also, tickets that are “old” and no longer valid because of expired support, the ticket will display a clear message at the top both for you and your customer to see. Please note that the customer will still be able to comment on the old ticket, but you can then decide how to handle it from there (let them know they will need to extend support, etc.).

Important: In order to use these new features, you will need to connect your Ticksy account to Envato using the new method. Go to your Settings panel and click the “Connect to Envato” button under Envato Integration to get validated. From then on though, you’re all set!

We’ve done as much testing as possible to ensure that this all works nicely when the new changes are put into effect, but if you run into any issues please feel free to submit a ticket (or leave a comment on this post).