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Envato Purchase Code (API) Issues Explained

UPDATE (September 2nd, 2016):

Due to overwhelming request, we have removed certain requirements from the Envato API, you will need to reconnect your accounts once more. Follow the same guide below to do this.


Recently we started receiving many support requests due to issues with purchase codes not getting validated properly. This is because we had updated our API connection requirements with Envato. When this happens, Envato requires that those accounts need to be “reconnected” to the Envato API by going through the same two-click process. It’s a frustrating issue with a simple fix:

  1. Head over to your System Settings page and go to the Envato section. You should see a button to “Reconnect Account”. Click that to reconnect your Ticksy account to Envato.
  2. Sign out, and sign back in again.
  3. Go to your Categories page and make sure your categories are still connected to each of your Envato products. DO NOT DELETE ANY CATEGORIES, just reconnect them to your products using the dropdowns. If you delete categories, all of the support tickets will go with them.