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An Update: Better Envato API Handling

If you have been a Ticksy user for even just a few weeks, you may have noticed a pretty severe issue when the Envato API is experiencing issues.

Your customers see a big ugly “Purchase Code is Invalid” message, even if the purchase code is valid. They cannot submit tickets, and depending on how long the API is experiencing issues, this could go on for days. Yikes. This is a huge problem for both you and your customers.

Fortunately, we’re happy to announce that we have pushed out an update to remedy this problem. Here’s how it will work from now on:

When the Envato API is working:

  1. Business as usual. Tickets are submitted and purchase codes are verified.
  2. You are happy. Customers are happy.

When the Envato API is NOT working:

  1. Your customers will still be able to submit tickets. They won’t see errors anywhere. This we feel is the best way to handle it from their end. They really don’t need to know that the API is down.
  2. When you get a ticket submitted during an Envato outage, you will see a new message at the top of the ticket. Here’s what it looks like:
  3. When you pop that message open, you will see a brief message and then have the new ability to click a button and re-verify the purchase code. It will let you know if the Envato API is still down, or if it goes through, the page will refresh and you will have the purchase code data there as usual.
  4. You are happy. Customers are happy.

And that’s it. Hopefully this won’t happen often, but when it does, it shouldn’t affect your support ticket flow as badly as it has been doing in the past. Feel free to comment below if you have any input on this new feature!