Help desks for  happy customers.,Envato authors.,freelancers.,business owners.,educators.

For support agents, Ticksy is a breath of fresh air and a breeze to use.
But more importantly, it’s an absolute joy for your customers.

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Loaded. Not bloated.

Ticksy gives you all the tools you need—and nothing you don't—to provide top notch customer support.

  • Private & Public Tickets

    Private tickets are just between you and your customers, but Public tickets are like using an online forum—anyone can view and reply! This takes some of the support load off and places it into the hands of those that are willing to help.

    (public tickets are optional)

  • Envato & Other Integrations

    Connect your Envato Market account to provide your customers with a one-click solution to verify purchases before they can submit a ticket. We also support purchase verifications with Easy Digital Downloads, Themely Marketplace and Freemius.

  • Knowledgebase

    Create an unlimited number of articles and assigned them to one or more categories—great for online documentation. While many support desks charge extra for this feature, at Ticksy it's completely included.

  • Company Branded

    Branding is important, which is why with Ticksy you can choose a custom subdomain, add your logo and customize the colors to match your brand for a seamless customer experience.

  • Live & Email Notifications

    Stay in the loop. Email notifications are sent out for each new ticket & reply. The live on-site notifications panel will show these along with ticket assignments, comment likes, new notes, important announcements and more.

    (you can enable and disable specific notifications)

  • Time-Saving Features

    Speed is extremely important when it comes to support, which is why Ticksy boasts quick-loading pages, one-click access to important features and more. And for those super-users, there are even a few keyboard shortcuts.

  • Multilingual

    You can display your system in several different languages. Your support agents and customers also have the option to override that setting from their profile.

    English (US & UK), Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Estonian, Dutch, & Chinese (Traditional).

  • Social & Interactive

    Every comment can be "liked" by both the support agents and your customers, providing a nice way to say "thanks". Some standard emoticons are also supported.

  • Email Piping

    You can define a list of email addresses that your customers can use in order to open a ticket with you. More details about this feature can be read in this article

  • Custom fields

    If you'd like to ask your customers for multiple details when they submit a ticket to you, you can define custom fields and make then required if you would like to. There are 3 types of custom fields: text, multiline and dropdown!

  •   It's going to simplify your life! 1000x better than emails; you'll have real discussions with your clients. Ticksy helped me create a community around my products all for less than a coffee in Paris! Don't hesitate.

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  •   Ticksy has helped transform the way we interact with customers by giving us the necessary tools to better serve them via its dependable, powerful, and easy-to-use platform.


Ticksy works where you work.

Help your customers at the office or at home, at the airport with your tablet, or out and about with your mobile device.

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